Consulting Services

Salinas PC Repair can provide organization or business Consulting Services on how to best use Information Technology in achieving business directive and objectives. We can provide advice, estimates, manage, implement, deploy, and administer Information Technology systems.  

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Project Scoping and Planning


We will refine the project’s objectives in quantifiable terms, identify intermediate and final deliverables over the course of the project. We include every intermediate document, plan, schedule, budget, blueprint, and anything else we implement in the scope & Planning.

We will define the scope of the project, project requirements, functional requirements, technical requirement, business requirements, User Requirements, 

Business Process and System Design


We analyze or improve existing or new business information technology workflow to increase productivity efficiency or reduce cycle time. Salinas PC Repair will define the architecture, modules, interfaces, and data for a system to satisfy specified requirements.

Project management support


We will assist in project production and maintenance, coordinate production of all reports, set up systems for recording costs, define and documents procedures under agreed methodology, advice on applications, procedures, & standards, and maintain logs.

Business Software Consulting


Salinas PC Repair will advise on how application implementation in a new or existing network infrastructure utilization in current industry practices and procedures. We provide technical advice on how to configure an extended design of software applications.

Other Consulting Services


We provide a comprehensive array of Computer Services and Solutions, give us a call today